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Always renewed and attuned to the current trends of the segments that make up the event, Expoingá is one of the main agricultural fairs in Brazil. The sectors of agribusiness, industry, commerce, services, gastronomy, entertainment, leisure, culture and much more are present here.

For 46 years Expoingá has positioned itself as a complete platform to highlight products and brands and generate great business.

You are our guest to attend this great event of success.

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Commitment, determination, entrepreneurship and work of the producers, added to the engagement of the entities and other segments, make the Brazilian agribusiness present records of production and numerous advances. All of this, together with technological innovations, investment, willpower and trust, contributes to the sector being the great link that maintains the trade balance, access to quality food and production security.

In 2018, we arrived at the 46th edition of the Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Fair of Maringá - EXPOINGÁ, 23rd International, an event that reaffirms the commitment to position itself as one of the largest agricultural fairs in the country, with the objective of presenting the production chains of the agribusiness and the sectors of industry, commerce and services, strategic solutions and the most innovative and current trends that exist in the market.

To reinforce the relationship that the event has with the countryside and the city, there are many options for entertainment, leisure, gastronomy, fun and culture. Here families can enjoy themselves with joy and security. This diversity of segments gives Expoingá the status of the most complete agricultural fair in the country.

The board of the Rural Society of Maringá hopes to share another success of this great event. At Expoingá we create values, build relationships of trust and deliver results to our partners. You are our special guest. Join us!

Maria Iraclézia de Araújo
Maringá’s Rural Society President

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